Vue.js in Practice @ Empire Conf, New York

Reactive data structures are intuitive and flexible. But they’re not always enough structure for complex client applications. How can we scale understandability? This talk presents three Vue.js techniques: partially applied utility functions, unmounted data-store components, and a hybrid technique that can give us the benefits of each. You’ll learn what each technique is good for — and where each can trip you up. Whether you use Vue or React or even JQuery day-to-day, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to leverage reactivity for understandability when understandability gets hard.

This talk is geared to help you:

  • Avoid understandability traps when building reactive UIs.
  • Write more useful partials and utility functions.
  • Work with unmounted data store components.
  • Blend functional and object oriented tactics to get the best of both.

Attend Vue.js in Practice @ Empire Conf, New York at Empire Conf, New York on Oct 12, 2017 to see Betsy Haibel present Vue.js in Practice: Hybridizing Objects and Functions !