All of us here at Cohere are long-time listeners to Greater Than Code. When an opportunity to sponsor came up, we leapt at the opportunity. We hope you learn as much from the Greater Than Code crew as we do!

— Betsy, Jennifer and Zee

You believe that we are all greater than code. That people matter. That better teams do make better products. So do we.

Some problems that look technical are really social: show me a product with data integrity issues and I’ll show you a team that never defined what “good data” looked like. Some problems that look social are really technical: show me a team that slips release paperwork and I’ll show you a team that hasn’t automated enough. We all know this. We also know that naming a problem is only the first step in fixing it.

We can help you with the rest of the steps. We can help you figure out what social barriers are keeping you from safe refactorings, and with the technical problem of what the best refactoring is anyway. We can help you figure out a system and unit test strategy that accommodates the contours of your existing codebase, and your existing team, rather that turning testing into a missed moonshot. We can help you grow your engineering team from four to forty without swaddling yourself in a thick blanket of intertwined technical and interpersonal debt.

Now, maybe some of you just needed to hear that Betsy, Jennifer, and Zee were consulting now to want to work with us. We’d love to chat. Tell us all about your hopes and dreams! Maybe we can help you achieve them. Just send an email to [email protected] or set up a 30 minute call.

But we’re not so arrogant as to assume y’all have heard of us already. Some introductions: Cohere is a small engineering and technical leadership consultancy consisting of Betsy “The Muffin” Haibel, Jennifer Tu, and Zee Spencer. We’ve worked together for the past few years solving complex and difficult problems with a combination of both technical and social skills. Before that, we’ve each spent a decade or more as full stack engineers at companies ranging from Domino’s Pizza to Akamai to ActBlue. Our expertise spans problem domains, programming languages and deployment environments; and for those of you doing a keyword search we’re most happy and comfortable working in Ruby, JavaScript, Python and Clojure. We prefer to host applications on low-maintenance services such as Heroku, but we’ve migrated more than our fair share of growing apps to Amazon Web Services and other virtual hosting providers.

We spend most of our time delivering software for our clients as very (very) senior engineers. We do this embedded in client teams as distributed team members or as the entire software team for our smaller partners.

Some of our time is spent providing training and workshops, either publicly at conferences or privately at organizations. Our training material ranges from programming tutorials such as how to apply functional and object oriented design principles in reactive JavaScript frontends to engineering leadership training for new technical leads or engineering managers to team training on interviewing and onboarding to cultivate a physchologically safe work environment.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you. What are your hopes? What are your dreams? Maybe we can help you achieve them. We’re more than happy to chat, send an email to [email protected] or set up a 30 minute video call.