Untangling Asynchronous JavaScript Free Email Course

We’ve all been there. Behavior that's nearly impossible to track down, events that we think should be firing, but just aren't. And since when has "eventual consistency" meant "after the user clears their cache?" Asynchronous programming, like almost all powerful programming techniques, introduces new (and hopefully exciting!) challenges in regards to how you structure your user experience, data and code.

In this email course, you'll develop a strong historical and philosophical grounding on what asynchronous programming is, how it came to be, and what problems it’s trying to solve. Best of all, it is absolutely, 100%, no money-ever-changes-hands free.

We are also offering an 8 week course on asynchronous programming in JavaScript with code examples, video walkthroughs, and transcriptions that illustrate the details and nuances of asynchronous programming.