Building Supportable Applications

Your application is used by people. Those people sometimes get sad. When that happens, they talk to your support team. Your support team does everything in their power to turn that frown upside down; and they need your help.

Congressive Management Techniques: Gardening Your Team

Jennifer and Zee co-presented Gardening Your Team in 2019 at RailsConf in Minneapolis.

Set Design: Putting the "Art" in "Architecture"

I thought of software architects as petty waterfall dictators. Then I became one. My background in set design helped me model architecture in an agile, collaborative, empowering way.

Vue.js in Practice: Hybridizing Objects and Functions

Reactive data structures are intuitive and flexible. But they’re not always enough structure for complex client applications. How can we scale understandability?

You Can't Bubblebath The Burnout Away

Jennifer presented You Can’t Bubblebath The Burnout Away in 2019 at RailsConf in Minneapolis.