Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication are key to successful product and engineering organizations. Here are some resources to help you adapt your communication and collaboration techniques to your teams context.

Porcini Hunting - Find Your Guide

Porcini Hunting - Finding Your Programming Guide is a three-page micro-zine that draws a parallel between hunting for mushrooms and finding technical mentors and teachers.

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Which Auth is Which?

Clearly communicate who's who and what they can do with a 8 page zine on authentication and authorization.

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Roses are red / This pairing is for you

How do I love pairing? Let me count the ways. Probably not to the very depth and breadth and height my soul may reach, but hey pairing is still pretty cool. Seriously, why pairing?

Lessons Learned from our First Real World Code Live Stream

Earlier this month, Betsy and I tried to live stream a pairing session and failed miserably. But! We had fun, so we had a retro and made a plan for how we can do better.

Level up by managing up: an engineer's primer

One tool you need to level up and grow your career is managing up. Managing up is scary, but investing in this skill now will pay off as you build a collaborative environment with your manager. How do you get started managing up?

Cohere 2018 Year in Review - Reflections on Financial, Mental, Physical and Relational Health

In Q4 2017, Cohere formed as a three-person worker cooperative. Our goals were to build a healthy environment where we could pursue our goals together. We learned a lot.

Engineering Managers: It's Time to Write Better Job Descriptions

Part of what makes a poor manager is a lack of investment into the day-to-day activities of management and an over-emphasis on the day-to-day activities of a practitioner. One of these day-to-day management activities is understanding and describing the work that is being done, why it's being done, and how it's being done. Here's how to communicate the this in the form of a good job description.

Pair programming problems are not a smell

We wrote down a few dozen dysfunctional pairing behaviors and sorted them into categories. It looked a lot like a code smell recipe book. But then we learned that these really weren't smells. We'll share our discoveries of how to address these dysfunctions - and what they really are.

Practical Empathy, or: How I Stopped Hating Pair Programming

Pairing works better for me nowadays because I realized that pairing is a programming skill. Just like for loops, code review, or domain modelling. And like any other skill, it can be taught and learned. People love or hate pair programming, and for good reason! It's a tough skill!

Introducing "Let's Pair!", A Zine Series on Effective Pair Programming Techniques

While some see “Privilege” as a four letter word, as a leader it's critical to understand how team members' backgrounds impact them. People love or hate pair programming, and for good reason! It's a tough skill!

A primer on setting up your remote employee

Two developers, both alike in dignity. In a fair tech valley, where we lay our scene. know what iambic pentameter is hella hard. How about we jump straight to talking about what to do if you have a lonely remote developer who's not succeeding on your in-office team.