You’ve put together a software team. How might you invest in it?

To grow a team’s technical capabilities, training is most effective when it takes into account your team’s unique needs. Cohere’s technical training addresses your team’s skill gaps while being thoughtful about where your codebase is. We adapt our workshops to meet your team where it is.

We offer both public and in-house workshops that will improve your team’s performance as both individuals and as a group.

A small selection is below; please contact us at [email protected] to talk about your team development.

Effective Code Reviews A two-hour workshop to transform your code review process to become a tool to improve your codebase and to improve all code review participants’ technical skills.

Explore Your Team Values Empower your engineers to connect their day-to-day work to their values.

Interviewer Skills for Engineers and Hiring Managers When a candidate is sitting in front of you, how will you know whether they would be a good hire, or a bad hire?

JavaScript Patterns Introduction to software design patterns that are particularly effective in JavaScript. Learn how to identify when a pattern may already exist, how to find those patterns, and how to apply them.

Pairing with Privilege Pair programming is most effective when each person in a pair is able to contribute, but this can be trickier than you would think. There are all sorts of power dynamics that emerge in pair programming, and these power dynamics are directly related to ally skills and inclusion.

Real World Pairing What if your pairing experiences could be as collaborative as you’ve seen other pairing experiences be? This full-day workshop equips you with skills necessary for a collaborative pairing experience, and offers hands-on practical exercises to learn how to apply these skills. You’ll leave transformed in how you feel about, approach, and practice pairing!

Real World Refactoring Have you ever found yourself needing to implement a new feature, but unlike previous feature requests, this one gets all awkward when you try to work it into your existing codebase? When this happens, you know you need to refactor, but it’s not clear the best way to do so – or how to refactor without losing several days to it.