Effective Code Reviews

Code reviews can improve your codebase and improve all participants’ technical skills. But sometimes it feels like neither of those is happening. There are a few common code review traps that developers can find themselves in. Sometimes reviews get rushed through to production, and while no major bugs ensue, longterm architectural constraints are unintentionally introduced. Sometimes reviews become a battleground between stylistic preferences while a team wrestles with what they value as individuals and as a group. And sometimes reviews are blocked for reasons that aren’t as important as delivering value to the customer sooner.

Is your code review process helping you, or holding you back? Are features not shipping because of churn in your process? Are bugs or maintenance costs slipping in that could have been caught in code review?

In this workshop, we work with your team to identify and understand what most holds them back, and coach the team to make code review into a process that helps rather than hinders. After this workshop, your team will have learned

  • How much and what kind of feedback is important to give
  • How to deliver actionable, specific, and kind comments
  • How to identify differences when individuals hold different values
  • How to resolve differences in individuals’ values
  • When it would be valuable to block a PR from being merged