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Workshop beta testers get individualized instruction while working through in-development workshop exercises. As a thank-you, we also offer our beta testers individual and team discounts on complete workshops. Workshop beta tests are held remotely (via Zoom) and are scheduled around the beta testers’ convenience. Test sessions run from as little as 15 minutes (for a single, small exercise) to 3 hours (for a full workshop).

Cohere beta tests all workshop materials on volunteers before offering the workshops for money. All of our workshops are highly interactive, and most involve significant one-on-one work with attendees. We rigorously test our exercises & other materials on folks from a variety of skill levels – like, maybe, you – to ensure that they’re appropriately scoped, and that they teach what we want them to teach.

Folks on our Workshop Open Beta email list can expect the following emails:

  • early notification of public workshops (get Early Bird tickets before they sell out!)
  • invitations to participate in workshop playtests
  • occasional workshop discounts

Upcoming workshop beta tests may include:

  • Asynchronous JavaScript Patterns
  • Breaking Apart State Machines
  • Vue.js Fundamentals

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