Pairing with Privilege

Pair programming is most effective when each person in a pair is able to contribute, but this can be trickier than you would think. There are all sorts of power dynamics that emerge in pair programming, and these power dynamics are directly related to ally skills and inclusion.

Pairing with Privilege is a daylong workshop that digs deep into the power dynamics of pair programming, what can be problematic and how they can be improved. Attendees will leave with an understanding of adjustments they can make and what might be happening in their pairs that they haven't been able to see before.

In this workshop, your team is given an ally skills workshop in the morning. Once the context is set for ally skills, we will dive into how these work in a pair programming setting.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to set up pairing so that power within the pair is more evenly distributed. This is where D&I rubber meets the road.

Intended audience:

  • Developers who have done some pair programming (extensive pairing experience is NOT required).
  • Engineering managers working with developers who pair at least sometimes, and maybe more.
  • Tech leads who are trying to get their developers to pair more often, but finding their developers resistent to pairing.