Jennifer presented You Can’t Bubblebath The Burnout Away in 2019 at RailsConf in Minneapolis.

Title slide from presentation

Why do we turn to self-care?

Why does self-care sometimes not work?

What do we do when self-care stops working?

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  • Capitalism and self care:
  • On burnout for the millenial generation:
  • An intersectional perspective on burnout::
  • Actionable advice for specific steps you can take:
  • A personal perspective on the experience of E_INSUFFICIENT_HOURS_FOR_MORE_SELF_CARE:
  • Book rec!! I haven’t read this book on burnout by Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski, DMA, but I expect it to be really helpful:
  • Techniques for staying kind, resilient, and creative when things get hard at work:
  • Forbes on what causes your burnout: