Executive, Career, and Technical Coaching

We coach both individuals and small groups to achieve your executive, career, and technical goals.

We've helped clients with everything from learning to test particularly hairy chunks of a project, plan and execute a major team reorg, or discover out what they want to do with their career.

And we can help you too.

"Zee paired with one of our developers and did an outstanding job of clearing intimidating blockers."
~ Jonathan Chu, CTO and cofounder, Verdigris

Training for the team or the individual

"I have rarely seen a room full of engineers more engaged than during Jennifer's workshop on effective communication."
~ Eddie Kay, Senior Engineering Manager, athenahealth

We've known for decades that projects fail not for technical reasons, but social ones. Yet much of the time and energy spent developing skills is spent on technical skills.

When we do invest in the social training, it often ignores the immediate technical needs.

Cohere balances and blends the social with the technical to ensure teams are equipped to develop, understand and own the context of the work they're doing.

Our trainings cover: Find a training session that's right for you