Ever since we created our workshop “Real World Refactoring”, we knew we wanted to bring it to the organizations that most need it: the nonprofits and community organizations that pour their hearts into making the world a better place. Unfortunately these are often the same organizations that don’t have the budget wiggle room to invest in their developers’ continuing education. What could we do to better support these organizations and their developers?

We’re going to try something new this year: a month of giving back to the organizations that give so much to the world.

If your NPO or community organization has wanted but couldn’t afford Real World Refactoring, for the month starting on Giving Tuesday, we’d like to offer the workshop to your team at a very steep discount from our usual prices.

If your NPO or community organization has only a developer or two, we’ve reserved some of the seats at our December SF and online workshops for them.

If you know developers at deserving organizations who would like to attend our refactoring workshop, please share this message with them.

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