We’re back from speaking at RailsConf, and what an incredible experience! The conference organizers did a fantastic job at running a smooth event despite never-relenting weather challenges. We were constantly learning from our fellow speakers, and I may forever be in awe of Sarah Mei’s ability to deliver a keynote with 15 minutes’ warning. We’re so glad we got to meet and reconnect with everyone.

We’d like to stay in touch! A few ways to do this:

This article is the first in a multi-part series going over some of the topics introduced in our Interviewer Skills workshop. We’d very much like to bring our workshop to your team. The customized version is so much more than what we were able to share at RailsConf!

Bringing Interviewer Skills to your team (either onsite or remote)

  • Digs deep on what your team as a whole is looking for in a new hire
  • Frees everyone on the team (including the manager or tech lead!) to participate fully while we take care of the facilitation
  • Creates the opportunity for external perspective on the areas you might not see as well because you are so close to the issue - maybe your problem has a simpler solution than you’re able to see!
  • Gives you the chance to dig deeper into what interview questions you might ask to better support your team’s hiring goals

At Cohere, we want to empower you both individually and as a team. We created Interviewer Skills to help your team have a better chance at finding healthy and happy productivity with your future colleagues. All that said, we understand that bringing the workshop to your team might not be possible for you. We’ve been there in our own past experiences; we’ve been the technical leader unable to squeeze out the budget to get the training we so desperately want to give to our team. We see you, we talked with you in the halls after the workshop, and we haven’t forgotten you.

So let’s give this a try. We’ll put out a multi-part series over the next few weeks covering some of the topics introduced in the workshop, and maybe some topics that weren’t touched on.

Tentative list:

  • Specific goals: why is this important?
  • Specific goals: how do we create goals?
  • Specific goals: how do we convert to questions?
  • Time management: why is this important?
  • Time management: how do we do this?

If you’d like to see other topics covered, or you want to hear more about a particular topic sooner, get in touch (if you’re on our webpage scroll down and use that webform). And if you find you are able to bring us in for that customized workshop, let us know. We want to help you and your team.

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